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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between Aquaponics and Hydroponics?

A: They are very similar in nature. Both processes are about plant growing in a water environment but Hydroponics uses a system of nutrients and fertilizers whereas Aquaponics is based on a system of nutrients deriving from fish waste excretions.


Q: What kind of fish can I have in my aquaponic system?

A: Talapia, chinese catfish, koi, and mosquitofish which are additionally beneficial in that they eat mosquito larvae thus reducing the mosquito population.


Q: Can we eat the fish that live in the aquaponic system?

A: Absolutely. In fact they can be very tasty when fed quality food.


Q: Do we have to run air bubbles for the fish?

A: Yes, like a traditional fish tank, the aquaponic system requires a "bubbler" air pump which oxygenates the water for the fish to breath. Depending on the size and number of fish, you will need to adjust the amount of bubbles generated.


Q: What can we grow with the aquaponic system?

A: All greens such as lettuce, bokchoy, chards, collards do well. Even peas, tomatoes, cucumbers grow well. Some people have even grown kalo, mint and many herbs.


Q: Does Aquaponics work well with solar power systems?

A: Yes. The pump components needed for aquaponics uses very few watts.

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