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Security Cameras:
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What's the difference between an alarm system and video surveillance?

A: An alarm system is typically installed on doors and windows with sensors that detect motion inside of the home. Alarm systems may include video camera surveillance by adding cameras to the package. Usually the camera will only record when the motion sensor is activated and the camera may record the event on a DVR or transmit the video to the internet for monitoring purposes.


Q: Do the security cameras have a battery backup in case the power is interrupted or disconnected?

A: Yes. Some systems have battery backup for the control panel as well as the cameras.


Q: Why do cameras all look the same but the prices vary dramatically?

A: All answers point to Quality. You get what you pay for with cameras. If a camera is $25, there is a reason for that. There are three class of cameras starting with CCTV at the lowest, then HD, then IP. These cameras offer different qualities of picture resolution. Some people just want a cheap camera to be a deterrent mechanism; others want a high resolution, sharp image that can detect faces and license plates. Built It Green will help you choose the system that best fits your needs at the best price possible.


Q: Do security cameras need to be wired or is wireless an option?

A: Either option is available.  Placement of your alarm system, distance between components, ease of wiring, and other aspects of your specific needs can be analyzed by our store experts and we'll aim to design the best component system to fit your needs.


Security is a real concern for many families and businesses. Options for security and surveillance systems are countless, and can be overwhelming to compare. Most available packages are fairly inexpensive and generally include poor quality equipment. These systems may give you a tv screen image but the you will not be able to distinguish the person or license plates seen in the image in order for the police to investigate. When it comes to security equipment, you get what you pay for.
In the Video Surveillance world, there are three major categories of cameras: CCTV, HD Cameras, and IP Cameras.
The first level is CCTV or Closed Circuit Television Cameras. These are the least expensive cameras and they do a basic job of surveillance. The maximum specification for CCTV cameras is 700 lines. These are the only CCTV cameras we install in your security system.
The next level in camera quality is the HD or High Definition camera. These have come down in price recently and can deliver a much cleaner and higher resolution image than CCTV cameras while also using the same cable and wiring as the CCTV system.
The best camera option is an IP camera due to its high resolution picture quality and it capabilities for rotating and zooming. It uses a CAT5 wire and each camera can be programmed to perform a variety of functions at a variety of times. The ability to move a camera's view is called a PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom. These cameras can be set to record continually or just when motion is detected around your home.

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