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The Sunforce 400 Watt Wind Generator uses wind to generate power and run your appliances and electronics. Starting at $699 for the 400W model, and other models providing up to 2000W service.

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Constructed from lightweight, weatherproof cast aluminum, this generator is also a great choice for powering pumps or charging batteries for large power demands. With a maximum power up to 400 watts or 27 amps, this device features a fully integrated regulator that automatically shuts down when the batteries are completely charged.

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The wind turbine is virtually maintenance free with only two moving parts, and the carbon fiber composite blades ensure low wind noise while the wind turbine guarantees a smooth, clean charge. Assembly is required, but this generator installs easily and mounts to any sturdy pole (mounting kit sold separately).


  • Use Wind to Generate Power & Run your Appliances & Electronics
  • Great for Cottages, 12V Battery Charging, Remote Power, Back Up Power & Hobbyists.
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Blades Ensure
  • Low Wind NoiseLight Weight Cast Aluminum Body
  • Patented High Wind Over Speed Technology
  • Easy Installation
  • Fully Integrated Regulator, Automatically Shuts Down When the Batteries are Charged to Minimize Wear.
  • Maintenance-free - Only Two Moving Parts
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Max Power up to 400 Watts or 27 Amps in Ideal Conditions
  • Completely Weatherproof
  • Tower Kit Sold Separately
  • Fully powder-coated for marine application



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