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tarps tentsWe stock complete canopy kits and parts to customize your own tarp system.

We carry...

  • tarps and shadecloths in multiple sizes
  • poles and fittings
  • bungee straps
  • complete canopy kits
  • and more.



Check out the new battery console at Build It Green. Fancy lights not included but maybe you could talk Henry and Mikale into the upgrade.

outback rack build it green

The guys at Build It Green came up with another power idea.

portable power box 2
portable power box 1

hilo solar blog 2Come by Build It Green and talk with Mikale and Henry about how you can cut your energy bill costs. They have a number of solutions that can fit any budget including

  • Grid-Tie and Off-Grid products and accessories
  • Energy Saving Parts and Devices
  • Energy Meters to analyse power consumption
  • Emergency Backup Systems

If you are either looking to upgrade or expand your existing system or looking to convert to a new whole home solar solution, Mikale and Henry offers in-home consultations to see exactly what you needs are and custom build a energy efficient solution for your home.

hilo solar blog



honda generator build it greenA generator comes in handy when we get those troubling storms or downed trees in our neighborhood. Generators are also helpful for providing power in remote areas or even remote camping trips.

The Sunforce 400 Watt Wind Generator uses wind to generate power and run your appliances and electronics. Starting at $699 for the 400W model, and other models providing up to 2000W service.

wind turbine 1 build it green

takagi water heater build it green hawaii

We have in stock now these Takagi On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters. These water heaters save gas by not maintaining hot water in a tank system all day but instead heats the water only when turned on. This unit delivers 6.6 gallons per minute and (not seen in this photo) includes a Temperature Control Panel. For exterior mounting only.

Also available is the Valve Kit Upgrade. Includes Pressure Relief Valve, Unions, and Shut-Off Valve.

Sale price while supplies last.



valve kit build it green hawaii




transfer switch build it green

Transfer Switches are really useful for people want to use a generator to provide power to their homes during extended power outages without having a bunch of extension cords running in from the generator.

Come by Build It Green for additional information. Mikale and Henry can give you specifics about the size options. In stock are interior or exterior models with 100 Amp or 200 Amp service. Pricing $300-$500.




In Stock now, we have this energy efficient DC Water Pump by Dankoff Solar. This pump is perfect for off-grid solar systems or if you want to prepare for hurricane season and have a dedicated off-line pump for your water supply, we could set you up with the additional parts also. 

water pump 1 built it green hawaii


  • Specifications: 12 Volts DC, 25 Max Amps, 300 watt/hour rating
  • Rotary vane pump mechanism (pulsation-free)
  • Solid forged brass pump body with carbon-graphite and stainless steel working parts
  • NSF approved for drinking water
  • Handles sea water and dissolved minerals
  • Permanent magnet, ball bearing DC motor, thermally protected
  • Cannot tolerate dirt; water must be filtered clear
  • Pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Length: 16.5 inches (42 cm)

outback solar built it green


At Build It Green we promote the durable and reliable Outback Power line of solar equipment. Both Mikale and Henry are Certified Outback Professionals capable of matching your needs to the available options in the latest solar power technology.


henry built it green solar certification
henry built it green solar certification


  1. "It takes too long to pay off the costs."
  2. "The panels won't fit your house."
  3. "The power company will hate you."
  4. "You'll have to use less power."
  5. "Your roof will be damaged."

true false blog

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Mikale about

Mikale knows Solar. Having installation experience, Mikale can advise you about the right size system, optional accessories, tips and tricks, and design the best system for your needs.


Henry about

Henry knows Construction. Having built new homes for over a decade, Henry can advise you all about package homes, lowering your construction costs, and getting more value for your dollar.

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